Monday, 1 June 2015

Post Weekend Slump

It's a cool and wet Monday morning. I've just gotten back from seeing my specialist at the hospital and now I'm ready to crack on and do ... nothing. I'd really just rather cuddle up with a blanket and read a good book. It's not very warm in here and the fact that we've got one of the livingroom windows stuck open isn't helping, lol.  #2 son just used his big rugby muscles to force it 2/3 of the way down so that's a definite improvement. Yay for hungry teenagers who come in the house looking for food! He fixed the window, I fixed a veggie chili. We're both happy.

We are in the middle of planting and waiting for the weather to warm up a little more so our summer crops can go into the ground. I've still got turnips, parsnips, beans, peas, corn, squash, carrots and sweet potatoes to go in the ground in the next few weeks. Plus more herbs to re-pot for the herb garden and for sale. We knew it was going to be wet and cold for a few days so we dug trenches ahead of time and now we can still plant the potatoes, just covering them with earth using a rake. I've got some stray raspberries that could also go into a trench the same way once we get them later. But apart from that I think it's going to be a writing day.

Our family is doing fine. We had a busy weekend and nothing exciting happened. I still haven't told my Dad about the CD/Trans thing yet. I don't know if I'm subconsciously avoiding it or what but I always forget or am too busy. I really should get that done today. I just don't really know what to say.

Hope you all had a terrific weekend.


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