Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Silence is Deafening

So far telling our family about my husband being transgender has been a breeze. Although I wonder if I'm a bit in denial about the whole thing and maybe it hasn't quite sunk in. How could it go this smoothly? Well, I've hit a giant pothole in the road. With a visit from my Dad and step-mum coming up this summer we thought it reasonable to let my parents know ahead of time. My dad is remarried to a wonderful lady we all love, and my mother is married to a woman as well. For someone who had serious issues with her mother, I've sure got a lot of them!! So after procrastinating for a while I finally sat down early this morning and wrote to my dad and step-mum. I expressed my love for them, for my family and especially for my husband. I explained that this didn't change the love for each other and that we're okay as a family. We're doing good and they don't need to worry about us. I hit send and I waited. And I waited. I noticed the email bounced to my stepmum and so I emailed dad and he sent me her new email address. But no answer to the original email. Is this normal? Am I over thinking the whole thing? AAARRGHHHH! It's driving me crazy! I love my Dad, and I guess in some way I want his approval and understanding. He's our most loving and caring parent and I don't want to lose him. How do people deal with this? The not knowing is killing me. I think I need some chocolate. Or pepsi. Or both.

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